Bump N’ Grind: Kaiju Bump, Kaiju Grind


Normally, this is where the Mighty Dubya or Sir Ron Deuce start telling you about the low down in grind. But not today! You’re stuck with me and I’m here to bring you some Kaiju inspired beats and some Kaiju inspired riffs. Here at the Toilet we love our classic monster movies with a purple passion but we can’t always combine that with our love of music. Lucky for you, I have found two artists that did just that! And from different genres of music, no less.

Kaiju Daisenso – Kaiju Daisenso

To satiate our filth fiends, I present to you the grind half of today’s expo. Kaiju Daisenso is a 4 piece grind/powerviolence band from New York. Including members from Unearthly Trance, Serpentine Path and Helen of Troy, the band crafts a (un)healthy dose of buzzsaw riffs, machine gun blasts and a vocal performance that would make Rodan’s ears bleed. Between fits of rage, however, the band finds time to lay down some serious groove. My personal favorite track “Hedorah Attack” will have you mercilessly stomping around like Godzilla in Tokyo one second and shaking your groove thing like Hedorah at a discotech the next. Seriously, this band crushes it! And lucky for us they set aside their New York pride this once and included plenty of original Godzilla samples and not any from the deplorable American remakes. In all, this release fits on a single 7 inch record, spans 11 minutes and would cost you 6 bucks ($3 digitally), sounds like a steal to me!

Go check them out on facebook, give them a like and tell them the Toilet ov Hell sent you!

P00K – The Gargantua VHS

Next up, we have the bump to coincide with the grind from an Ecuadorian artist known as P00K. Now, I’m not exactly sure what that is supposed to mean, but I do know one thing. P00K can make some jamming beats. The Gargantua VHS is chock full of nasty bass drums, cracking snares and not-so-subtle remixing. What ties this to Kaiju Daisenso is its usage of classic Godzilla and Kaiju movie samples. Set up initially as a story, Gargantua starts off with a perfect album intro and weaves through a few different moods and interplays rap verse samples with its movie lines. This short release is over faster than Zilla, but it gets the job done and  should satisfy anyone with a slight craving of kaiju beats.

Do you have any kaiju inspired favorites to share? I sure would love to hear them so share a link in the comments down below!

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