Toilet Radio 428 – Metal Missionaries


Oh boy. This week your boys watched Metal Missionaries, a 2017 documentary that is ostensibly about Christian metal. That being said, most of the bands featured aren’t really metal and, if for some reason you actually wanted to learn about Christian heavy metal, you’d be better off skimming a wikipedia article and talking to an XTREME youth pastor. Instead, what we have here is a sloppy, amateurish documentary that points a camera at a bunch of really odd dudes and features some of the most jarring and off-putting narrative voiceovers you’re likely to hear in any motion picture. We discuss the film, the phenomenon of Christian heavy metal, and helpfully provide plenty of samples from the documentary so that you don’t ever have to actually watch this on your own. It’s an episode.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
DeathgraveOn All Fours

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