Premiere: Stream Recorruptor’s The Funeral Corridor In Full


Ripping new tunes to cap off your morning

No need to feel bad if you haven’t heard the name Recorruptor before; I wasn’t aware of them myself until recently, but I immediately wanted more on my first listen of “Tormented Egress.” Well-executed, well-produced melodic death metal is one of life’s simple pleasures, especially when trussed up in a blackened atmosphere, and The Funeral Corridor will let you indulge deeply of that pleasure. I’m pleased to bring it to you today in all its ashen glory.

Recorruptor’s sound is going to be familiar to most everyone I’m sure, taking pummeling melodic death metal riffs and filtering them through a blackened lens of fire and fury. Fans of The Black Dahlia Murder are going to feel right at home with this one. The crisp production and intense riffs readily call them to mind, but there are also some heavy chugs and gutturals that remind me of Aborted, and when it’s all combined, it makes me think of that first Dark Sermon album (RIP).  It’s straightforward, but then again, so is a fist to the face, and they’re both equally effective. Harsh and bleak as it is, it goes hard as hell and is a pleasure to listen to.

The Funeral Corridor is independently released this Friday, August 21st, out on Bandcamp. Give Recorruptor a shoutout on Facebook as well.

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