This Toilet Tuesday (11/19/19)


November is god damn stacked, and much of the best it has to offer is coming this week. You all already know about that though, so I’ve chosen to highlight a couple smaller bands this week that are extremely deserving of your attention. As always, let us know if we missed anything and share your own picks down below.

Illusion Force – Alive (Independent) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Acceleration”


In all seriousness, this is everything I love about J-power metal. Everything is cranked to 11; it’s super fast and surprisingly technical for power metal, the vocals are insane, the solos rip, it’s catchy as hell… everything about this bangs. This might actually convince me to pay ridiculous import prices for the full album. 11/22/19 (Spear)


Raptvre – Monuments of Bitterness (The Crawling Chaos Records) [Dissonant Black/Death]
Listen to “Throne Torcher”

I subsist on hideous guitar noises, and this is doing all the things I like my gross-ass music to do. Little bits of Gorguts and Ulcerate dribble into the sound and are promptly spattered against the walls with their violent delivery. Get on this if you like disso shit. 11/22/19 (Spear)

Abest – Bonds of Euphoria (Moment of Collapse) [Sludge/Post-Metal]
Listen to “Lockjaw”

Avatarium – The Fire I Long For (Nuclear Blast) [Doom]
Listen to “Rubicon”

妖神楽 – 聞シ召シ給ヘ (Stillbirth Records) [Brutal Death Metal]

Battlesword – And Death Cometh upon Us (MDD Records) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Serpents Among Us”

Bestial Invasion – Monomania (Nocturnus Records) [Tech Thrash/Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Monomania”

Bewitchment – Oblivion Shall Reign (Independent) [Death Thrash]

Black Sweet – The Lights (Push Out Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Trim Away”

Blood Incantation – Hidden History of the Human Race (Dark Descent) [Progressive Death Metal]

Brume – Rabbits (Magnetic Eye Records) [Doom]

Canyon of the Skull – Sins of the Past (Independent) [Doom/Sludge]
Listen to “The Ghost Dance”

Cryptic Brood – Outcome of Obnoxious Science (War Anthem Records) [Death Doom]
Listen to “Outcome of Obnoxious Science”

Crystal Viper – Tales of Fire and Ice (AFM Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Still Alive”

Decoherence – Ekpyrosis (Sentient Ruin) [Black Metal]

Depressed – Beyond the Putrid Fiction (Black Lion Records) [Death Metal]

Droid – Hyperreality (Independent) [Stoner Doom]

Eleine – All Shall Burn (Black Lodge Records) [Symphonic Metal]

Grey Brain – Red Eyes (Affair Records) [Sludge/Doom]
Listen to “Life Wrecker”

Hatred Dusk – Hatred Dusk (Independent) [Edgy Skeleton Metal]
Listen to “Raging Dogs”

Hexekration Rites – Desekration Manifesto (Atavism Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Ascension”

A Horse Called War – Good for Glue (And Nothing Else) (APF Records) [Sludge]
Listen to “Don Frye”

Impure Declaration – Mind Upheaval, Unclear Signs (Old Temple) [Death Doom]
Listen to “Shrines of Blood and Slime”

The Juliet Massacre – The Vile Requiem (Independent) [Melodeath/core]
Listen to “The August Butchery”

King – Coldest of Cold (EVP Recordings) [Blackened Melodeath]

Lord Mantis – Universal Death Church (Profound Lore) [Sludge]

Magic Kingdom – MetAlmighty (AFM Records) [Power Metal]
Listen to “MetAlmighty”

Make a Change… Kill Yourself – Oblivion Omitted (Cursed Records) [DSBM]
Listen to “VIII”

Neolith – I Am the Way (Mythrone Promotion) [Black/Death Metal]

Nihilism – Apocalyptic Fate (Great Dane Records) [Death Metal]

Obsequiae – The Palms of Sorrowed Kings (20 Buck Spin) [Castle Metal]

Redline – Gods and Monsters (Escape Music) [lolbuttz]
Listen to “Dark City”

Serpentyne – Angels of the Night (Dutch Music Works) [Symphonic Folk Metal]
Listen to “Angel of the Night”

Signum Regis – The Seal of a New World (Beyond the Storm Productions) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Kings of the Underground”

Sodom – Out of the Frontline Trench (Steamhammer) [Thrash]
Listen to “Down On Your Knees,” “Out of the Frontline Trench”

Sonus Corona – Time Is Not on Your Side (Inverse Records) [Prog Metal]
Listen to “Illusions”

Strykjärn – En jävla massa lidande (Independent) [Metalcore]
Listen to “Spegelsalen”

Tersagor – Invisibilia Bellum (Independent) [Black Metal/Dark Ambient]

Thunder and Lightning – Demonicorn (Independent) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Demonicorn”

Tragedy in Hope – Smile at Death (Independent) [Black Metal]

Trallery – Isolation (Independent) [Death Thrash]

Tygers of Pan Tang – Ritual (Mighty Music) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “White Lines”

Unfathomable Ruination – Enraged & Unbound (Willowtip) [Brutal/Tech Death]

Via Vengeance – Diestractions from the Truth (Independent) [Sludge/Doom]
Listen to “Haunt”

Y-Incision/Treasonist – Mechanical Perdition (split- Horror Pain Gore Death) [Deathgrind]

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments!

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