Premiere: Void Rot – ‘Necrotic Deity’


This upcoming split between Void Rot and Atavisma looms as the death-doom duopoly you’ve dreamed of. After premiering the first cut a fortnight ago, today we get the first sniff from Void Rot’s half, and let me tell you – it stinks.

So as described in the tag above, we’ve already been made privy to the arse (“ass” if you prefer the equine equivalent) kicking the Atavisma part of this split has to offer, now you get to hear if the Seppo side can match it with the French. Since it’s been a little over a year and a half since we last checked in with the lurkers of Minnesota’s Krypts – known extremely appropriately as Void Rot, you might wonder how have things changed since their debut offering? Well after just having time to check out this full thing, I can report that their sound has matured like a fine wine mouldy cheese. Impressions from their Consumed By Oblivion EP were that the band took the kind of Spectral Voice/dISEMBOWELMENT death-doom into cosmic territory à la Ataraxy. This time the crushing riffs have ostensibly succumb to their own immense gravitational well (do not check if that’s possible) and feel so dense they could potentially cave in your skull from sonic contact alone. The haunting lead overlays are still present but the sheer weight of the low-end riffing keeps things strongly Earth-bound rather than ethereal. Check it out for yourself.

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