Prepare to Get Heavy With The New Lyric Video From Prog Lords Divinity Compromised


Divinity Compromised have been making a name for themselves for a few years now with their unique brand of heavy, bordering on grungy prog metal. Their latest offering comes with a lyric video that focuses on the divisions within our country right now. Aggressive, punchy and just a little bit over the top, it’s fun to sink your teeth into what Divinity Compromised have crafted here. With songwriting at the fore and more than a few nifty frills, this is a song that I am starting to find weirdly addictive and a video which I think is much more relevant than many of us would care to admit. There is a sense of sublime magic to this that we are not going to soon forget and which will guide us from step to step. All I can say is dig in!

The band had this to say:

Every day it’s the same thing – we turn on the TV, log on to Facebook, log on to Twitter, log on to Instagram…and all we see is division. Everything we see is perfectly designed to cultivate the divide – and it grows every day. It’s all THEIR fault…THEY don’t understand, THEY won’t listen to reason…THEY are the problem. THEY ARE THE ENEMY. We must change THEM. 

Does it matter who is behind it? WE are all to blame. WE let the vicious circle turn and turn and turn. WE buy what the media is selling to us. WE choose to be OUTRAGED every time we are faced with an opposing opinion. WE ignore our history and keep doing the same thing year after year, cycle after cycle, and we expect different results? Time to make your choice and end the insanity. Make your voice rise above the noise.

Keep an eye on Divinity Compromised’s website and Facebook for more news and content in the coming months!

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