Red Queen – Insidious: A Video Breakdown


Resident Evil reference or a young adult novel reference?

YouTube recommendations has done it again. Years of watching ridiculous music videos has led me to Red Queen, a female-fronted Los Angeles-based nu-ish, metalcore-ish band. Think In This Moment with less members and a few more electronic blips and bleeps. YouTube was insistent that I watch their music video for the song “Insidious” and boy, am I glad they did. While it’s not completely NSFW, you may not want to watch it at work, just in case your boss isn’t down with you watching videos of light BDSM and a woman in her undies. Then again, I’m not your boss. Do whatever you want.

Here is the band’s explanation of the song:

“This song tells a story of a toxic relationship between two people, when love becomes very much like a drug addiction that slowly destroys you but also keeps you blinded on the edge of being high and oblivious.”

Okie dokie! Let’s get this thing rolling.

0:01: HELLO!
0:04: Welcome to Flavortown.
0:09: Nice to see modern wrestlers still use the sleeper hold.
0:12 Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Metalcoreballine.
0:15: The Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries.
0:18: Nice to see the mask from Trivium’s Until The World Goes Cold video still getting work.
0:21: It’s true. Men do often have breasts on their mind.
0:25: That’s the look you get right before they put the chicken fingers tray out at Whole Foods.
0:30: Too much pale.
0:34: “Sorry, guys, we have to cut. Someone left a Bongzilla album on by accident.”
0:43: I wonder how many cherry Tootsie Pops she had to eat to get that shade of red on her lips.
0:50: Oops. Almost had a Basic Instinct moment here.
1:02: “Be in the music video” she said. “It’ll be fun” she said.
1:09: She’s going to use the collar to inhibit his mutant powers, just like they did on Genosha.
1:19: Time to inject some flavor into this turkey.
1:22: Getting a heavy Hitler youth vibe from this guy.
1:30: Video shot from inside a roadside psychic’s shop.
1:38: She’s going to pull off the tape and reveal he’s been Pepe the Frog this whole time.
1:50: This video has more smoke than a SUNNO))) show.
1:56: Oh, good. She’s injecting some life into this guy.
2:04: Why is blood coming from somewhere else other than the injection sight?
2:09: I mean, I’m not doctor, but medical speaking that ain’t right.
2:15: Mmmm. Sacrisexualicious.
2:22: Really, the song should be called “Innuendo” instead of “Insidious”.
2:30: Speaking of Insidious, here’s a review of the movie I did a while back.
2:37: Bllllaaargggggghhhhh!
2:46: This could easily be a scene on
2:54: If I told you this was a new In This Moment song, you wouldn’t think twice about it, would you?
3:04: So when does Alice show up to fight some zombies in The Hive?
3:08: Hummina hummina hummina.
3:14: Just in case you really wanted, you can buy Red Queen’s vocalist lots of stuff on Amazon.
3:19: And now something for Wayne LaPierre to masturbate to.
3:26: Good thing he’s a terrible shot.
3:30: Always make sure you have enough napkins when serving spaghetti and meatballs.
3:33: Aaaaaaaaand now the video is NSFW.

Red Queen’s album Star Blood is out now.

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