Tech Death Thursday Video Premiere: Seismic – “Comorbidité interne”


For me, part of the draw of tech death has always been the spectacle. Hearing the music is one thing, but actually seeing it performed brings the experience to a whole new level. That visual element casts the music in a whole new light: being able to actually see the amount of skill and effort the performance takes makes it that much easier to appreciate. Plus, it looks cool when people go fast.

With that, I’d like to present you a bass playthrough of Seismic’s “Combordité interne,” performed by Toilet friend/crazy bass guy Dave Tremblay. Longtime readers will be familiar with his work by way of vod and Melopœia (among several others), and though he shares composition duties with guitarist Alexandre Corriveau, Seismic is a bit more traditional than the aforementioned projects. This is by no means a complaint, however; “Combordité interne” is a beast of a track. It dispenses with the noodling so characteristic of the genre and goes straight for the throat with low, beefy riffs and tap-heavy bass. Despite the flashiness of the performance, it doesn’t feel excessive or unnecessary, and having the bass move independently of the guitars adds another layer of depth and complexity.

Head on over to Seismic’s Bandcamp and acquire the track for yourself, and keep up with them on Facebook.

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