Relapse Records Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Monumental Compilation


At times, some metal record labels make baffling decisions and eschew their rich history and impressive back-catalogue in favor of promoting decidedly un-metal acts that may or may not make lots of money. Other times, labels simply jump on the next scene bandwagon in hopes of staying relevant among younger audiences. Relapse Records is not one of those labels.

It should be pretty obvious to any long-time metal fans that the big record labels of yesteryear are struggling. Earache seems to be exploring everything but metal. Roadrunner Records is seeing more and more of their stable acts jump ship. Several of the other giants seem to be struggling for relevance as well. However, Relapse Records, home to such greats as Agoraphobic NosebleedHooded Menace, and Obscura, continues to keep their ear to the underground and release consistently quality extreme music. In fact, while other labels have sought new trends, Relapse appears to be bidding on quality, as evidenced by their recent acquisition of Magrudergrind.

What’s even more impressive is that this label has been banking on extremity for 25 years. In celebration of that grand heritage, Relapse is dropping a “name your price” 183(!) track compilation on Bandcamp. This collection reads like a résumé of who’s who in the metal game. You’ll find great songs from stalwarts like Nile and High on Fire but also buried treasures from lesser-known killers like Columns and Nux Vomica. I was pleasantly surprised to see the rarely mentioned but excellent Coldworker included.

As it is, there really is no reason for you not to buy this collection. So celebrate the glory of metal and the splendor of one of the last great record labels. Jam the collection below and purchase the compilation here.

Many thanks to Celtic Frosty for bringing this to my attention.
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