Este Metal de Tejas es muy rápido.

Let’s make this fast as hell because it’s what these young guns would demand: X.I.L. is speed metal by way of San Antone’, and this trio wants to put South Central Texas on the guidebook as a notable destination. Today, we’re listening to “Speedemons”, a single off the band’s debut full length Rip & Tear. With an amphetamine tempo and lyrics that’d make Manowar weep manly tears, “Speedemons” summons the eternal spirit of Motörhead into a set of fresh, young livers. If you wanna party like your absentee father did in the 80s, stab play below:

Who is X.I.L. you may be asking? Boy am I glad to answer. YOU GOT: Jordan L. Hoffart, the Sync-keeper of ravenous MotörBeats and keys. You got Austin James, Four stringed black thunder and lead vocal destruction. And of course you got “Big Joe” Aguilar, on Hellish blues disturbance and secondary overkill throat. Rip & Tear is out February 25th on Confused Records. Go check out their Bandcamp right here.


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