Life is Pain(t): Part Quatre – A Brush With Death


In the distant year 2027, things looked quite different from the salad days of the New ’20s—the Greek alphabet was extended to 48 characters to describe new COVID variants, Palo Alto was digitally converted to an NFT, and Meta outlawed all art outside the ZUCKERVERSE. But these curious apes had a way to escape the hellish augments that overlaid their reality—MS Paint. On ancient tablets, on the primitive glass of “smartphones” (quaint, isn’t it?), acts of defiance occurred in the rebar ribcages of world powers. Though the creators were long gone, absorbed into the ether(eum), their screen-names lived on in their odes to the music they loved. Today, we remember them, gathering in Disqus to commemorate those which stuck in our hearts, like the blood clots that used to plague the poor and the rich. Sever the blockchains. Cast your vote.

For posterity, these were the rules:

1. Create your own work of art based on a favorite album cover in MS Paint or a similar program (no stealing from that FaceBook page). Participants must SHOULD include the logo and album title if they’re included in the original art.

2. Post the original album cover in the #community-content room of Discord along with the participant’s “interpretation” by the end of Monday 11/29.

3. Anyone can join in because the results will be judged by the community as a whole.

4. The winner will be selected by THE PEOPLE OF DISQUS AND DISCORD. The winner will receive a BC digital album of their choice from me (except dumbass stuff like $666 placeholders).

That’s it. To view the original art, click on the link included with each submission. I will post a comment for each entry in the Disqus comments. Please updoot for the submission you want to win.  For your vote to count, it must be an updoot to my comment, not some other pleb rabble. Don’t be a Debbie Downvoter.

Here are the artworks! Voting ends 12/3 at 10pm EST!

Drivel-headed Shill Machine: Esoctrilihum – Dy’th Requiem For The Serpent Telepath

A Spooky Mansion: Lord First – Green Eyleen

Theophrastus Bombastus: Рожь – Вечное

Hans: Henbane Chariot – Allpine Séance

Snooty McWords: Psycho Synner – Killing You Softly

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