Video Premiere: Fractal Generator – “Face Of The Apocalypse”


What does the next stage in human evolution hold for our species? And more importantly, what does it bear for you, the increasingly impatient metalhead? While a definitive answer to the former remains uncertain, the latter can be answered with futuristic-themed death metal…well, for the next 4 minutes anyway.

You may remember a few weeks ago our resident tech-death columnist, the venerable Spear, gave us a run down of Fractal Generator’s debut album Apotheosynthesis. If you missed his trenchant analysis, here’s an excerpt which sums up the band’s core sound perfectly –

“Mechanical” is a word that has been levied against tech death bands for some time now. Fractal Generator take this slight and turn it in their favor by making it the point of their music both thematically and musically. The band’s debut, Apotheosynthesis, is a cold, heartless killing machine. It carries the same vitriol and energy as brutal death, but it has been crafted meticulously and precisely with a singular, focused purpose: a grim examination of the future of mankind.

Coming from a man who consumes what most would consider to be an obscene amount of technical death metal, this is no small praise. Apotheosynthesis deserves such acclaim. Throughout the 9 tracks, all 3 band members meld their fluid instrumental proficiency together with callous brutality. Guitarist 102119200914 effortlessly powers through chaotic over-lapping descending runs, replete with calculated clunking turnarounds leaving the listener in a perpetual state of anxiety. The only respite from the involuntarily-induced cerebral twitch comes in the form of riffs seemingly designed with the sole intention of crushing organic matter into a dewatered organic pulp. Sure, the palpitations may have ceased, but only because you’ve since been hammered out into a 2-dimensional sheet of malleable pink shit.

The core thematic of the album pertains to a future of both decimation of the natural world at our own hands, and the inevitable integration with the inorganic, through technological advancement. Hah! How far-fetched. There’s no way anything remotely similar to those circumstances could seem probable on our current timeline…

Pick up your copy of Apotheosynthesis over at Everlasting Spew Records or through Bandcamp for €5. Find Fractal Generator on Facebook and tell them you are now a pancake comprised of equal parts pink, plasma, and pain.

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