Flush it Friday: PorchFest-Bound


Apparently, there’s a thing in Somerville this weekend where bands get together and play free shows throughout the day. I expect nothing less than a plethora of prog-death and Abbath crab-walkers. If I get, say, bluegrass and indie rock, I am going to be extremely disappointed, but the odds of this are slight. (Somerville is, after all, the site of ICS Vortex‘s famous pilgrimage to—I am making this up.) Have y’all ever been to anything like this in your cities? And more importantly, have you spread the good word of TovH whilst attending said festivities? Here are some things to talk about as you brave the COVIDian wastelands make new friends!

TheoBomb premiered the Katharos with the mos(t cool riffs/minute):

Album Premiere: Katharos – Of Lineages Long Forgotten

Megachiles with a double ‘Hanger banger:

Voidhanger double feature, pt. 2: Feral Light and THOS ÆLLA

Though Stick looks so sad in Phototrophs, we absolutely love him when he reviews the new Moon Tooth:

Review: Moon Tooth – Phototroph

BSG aime les sons glitch français de Biollante:

Review: Biollante – J’Espère Que Tu Danseras Quelque Part

You Know What To Do: A G/B/U Story. <3 Roldy

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