Review: DiseveredHammers of Blasphemy


This is a record about necro-thingies and blasphemies.

Sometimes you can get burned out by the constant release of great music. Name the genre of your preference and you can definitely recall having the gates of the digital world unleashing a heavy flood of multiple band names and album titles to your ears. You have to confront it. Do you know a good medicine to end the pain? You do not, right?

Well, let me introduce you to this new death metal box with 6 pills of dark magical hate. Just forget your problems, close your eyes, cross the dark blue threshold and remember you will die anyways. Just enjoy this ride!

Disevered is a new name on this old game of lightning-fast name dropping, but they are working to get recognized as a force to be reckoned with. The group is comprised of members from The Absence and Sacridose, borrowing some elements of the traditional Floridian putrefaction and the wicked Swedish school of extremity, the band turned crosses with their second EP in a row, after the Pathway to Inversion mini-album.

Their style goes beyond the regular citations of Entombed or Obituary. Rotten scent of hardcore punk and ancestral death metal legendary sounds mix together with gusto in the rot’n’roll sequences. The “Infernal Reanimation” tackles the auditive system with instant gratification and from that song; the EP delivers a solid 12-minutes window of degenerate fun. Overall, the first song is a resume of the time to come: feedbacks, blast beats, d-beats and dry throat-ripping vocals.

Dwane’s drumming seals the show with marksmanship precision, pounding that snare, cymbals and kicks with methodical slaughtering. Crust influences come and go in the groovier segments of the EP, and the crunchy production cements all the overall style.

Matching the superb drumming, the guitar riffing compliments very well the violent atmosphere. “Celestial Flesh” is a hell-made piece that can back up this testament. The necrotic rhythm is a great headbanging material, with that riding verse and the doom inspired bridge, including a blasphemous melodic guitar line a la “Left Hand Path”.

Going to this point and beyond, “Eternal Life Obliteration” and the final songs goes in the same buzz saw meat grinding tempos. But, overall, the groove segments influenced by the death’n’roll and crust punk subgenres invoke senses of disparity between the songs that are mostly welcome, inviting at the same time some multiple spins to the record.


Besides this stylish point break, Disevered made a great job in the final seconds, with “Septic Mistress” and “Warsaw”, which are both good displays on the Jamie’s zombified vocals, with punching choruses that could be great to necro-dance at the pit in a live show.

The short structure of this EP does not harm, instead it elevates the final product and it gives extra credit points for their fresh and fun splatter. Fans of underground decayed death metal will enjoy this. With all this said, and for being in constant rotation these weeks, I give a well-rounded 4 of 5 flaming toilets ov hell to this book of blasphemies:


Find this record on Absolute Contempt Records and help them to save some cats. Ask my parcero Daniel Z. if they have some tapes of this album, too! You can also search the band on Facebook and say to them: “The Elfic Toilet Resident says ‘Hola’ to all of you, necromancers”.

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