Morgue Supplier Get Davidian with New Song “Cultic Rape”


The deathgrind phenoms are finally coming out of their long hibernation to bring you new music, and if this first single is any indication, Morgue Supplier is going to be far more twisted than I ever anticipated.

I first encountered Chicago psychos Morgue Supplier five or six years ago while searching for cool Metallica covers (sue me). Their rendition of “Fight Fire with Fire” is delightfully deranged, starting off as an almost exact replica of the Metallica original before devolving into a deliciously sloppy maelstrom of blasts and growls. My favorite part is the solo section that manages to sound both fresh and horrifying while still staying relatively true to Metallica’s apocalyptic vision for the track.

As I would go on to discover, the EP that nestled that monstrous little cover in its bosom is a hellish exercise in labyrinthine, Scott-Hull-esque riffs and unrepentant aggression. Constant Negative was a step up in terms of both creativity and intensity from the band’s debut full-length, Sociopath, though the latter is no slouch. Over the course of their 17-year career, vocalist Paul Gillis, drummer/guitarist Eric Bauer, and bassist Steve Reichelt, with other members drifting in and out, have crafted heavy as all hell grind that manages to remain soulful and genuine. The major difference between Sociopath and Constant Negative is the added dissonance added to the mixture. By dialing in with a meatier production and throwing in more off-kilter rhythms and counterpoint between the guitars and drums, the band managed to synthesize the heaviness of death metal in a truly effective way. Constant Negative is a tour-de-force that remains one of my favorite grind EPs.

It feels like the band has been working on the follow up to Constant Negative (dropped in 2009) for forever, but thankfully the wait is almost over. The band’s self-titled is set for a February 19th release, and as a means of whetting our appetites for the main course, the band have released insidious single “Cultic Rape”, which you can stream below. My initial impression is that the dissonance has been cranked up to 11, with the band injecting even more Mitochondrian-esque chug and Gorguts-ian left turns. I especially love that run of descending chords that makes you feel like you’re being sucked down through the lungs of hell. The band announced on Facebook that the song is attempting to tackle the sexual abuse carried out by cult leaders like Jim Jones, a demonizable issue fit for a grind song if I’ve ever heard one.

Frankly put, this song rips, and I can’t wait to finally hear the full-length on the 19th.

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