Toilet Radio 261 – Seeing the Past Through Hot Dog Flavored Glasses


This is kind of a strange one but I’m feeling kinda strange so maybe it works. We lost a legend yesterday with Riley Gale’s untimely death. Unfortunately, we recorded this episode before his passing so this episode is mostly things we find amusing. On next week’s episode we’ll pay proper tribute. For this week, we’re talking about: Sturgis Rally 2020: UPDATES / Being Jesus Aged / Limp Bizkit: Origins / Every band was a boy band in the 90s-2000s. Yes, even that one. / Revisiting old ass reviews feat. Lester Bangs on Black Sabbath, Ryan Schreiber on Andrew WK, and some guy that thinks ICP is frat house music. I dunno what to say, folks. If you listen to this ‘sode I hope you enjoy it. Take care of each other and never take a moment for granted.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Revel in FleshThe Hour of the Avenger

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