Review: Employed to Serve – Conquering


Believe it or not this is not my album about how terrible working customer service is.

Employed to Serve is a new act to me, a metal and hardcore act out of the UK. While I’m not huge into hardcore, the group does have some elements that draw me in but are hard to point out. The main things I can point out are some pretty polished production and interesting textures and turns in the songwriting.

Right from the first track, “Universal Chokehold,” comes out the gate hard, reminding me of the brand of melodeath that I actually like, and I appreciate that the band actually uses some dynamics and pauses in the music to highlight sections.

“World Ender” and the title track form a 1-2 punch of bangers that remind me of the days when I had myself convinced I liked moshing, reminding me vaguely of Sepultura. In the end though, despite every track being very polished and well-written, these tracks are at least for me the only ones that stuck past several listens. The ending track “Stand Alone,” though it has some interesting ideas, failed to feel conclusive to the album for me, and I was actually surprised when the track list began again.

This band is very, very good, and by all accounts have been making huge strides over their career. Keep your eyes on them for sure, but on my end I’m hoping they cross that final hurdle into making songs that are both good and memorable. I have a ton of faith that the next release will be the one that sticks that landing.

3.5/5 Toilets ov Hell

Conquering is out September 24 through Spinefarm Records.

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