Premiere: Cutterred Flesh – “Human Protein Concentrate”


It’s delicious AND nutritious!

The disappearances of the myriad ancestor species to homo sapiens is one of those great mysteries to which we will likely never know the answer. For example, what happened to homo erectus? Were they driven to extinction by other early humans, or did they simply fade away over the course of small changes and adaptations over thousands of years? The current consensus seems to be that climate shifts were a major factor in their disappearance. However, if we are to believe Cutterred Flesh– and really, why wouldn’t we?- they were abducted by rad little space geckos and centrifuged into protein supplements for sick gains.

Yes, this astounding new theory is brought to light and presented through the most appropriate means possible: brutal death metal. “Human Protein Concentrate,” the third single from the band’s upcoming Love At First Bite, describes in lurid detail the process of turning homo erectus into a nutritious goop and the methods our slimy alien friends used to achieve the tastiest and healthiest product possible. The rapid-fire drums and guitars evoke the whirring of the centrifuge, the riffs as muscular as the lizardmen after chugging gallons of their protein product.

And best of all, it’s ethically sourced and sustainable! Now, a word from our sponsors:

“This is one of the more brutal songs on our new album. It perfectly expresses our feelings about what’s currently happening in the world. The story delineates the process of transforming a human into pâté, and you will definitely enjoy it. Bon appétit.”

Love At First Bite releases on May 24 via Transcending Obscurity. Preorder it now via Bandcamp or Transcending Obscurity’s web shop and receive a lifetime supply of Human Protein Concentrate for free!*

*Terms and conditions apply. Human Protein Concentrate should not be consumed by adults, children, men, women, nonbinary, xenogender, or intersex people. Taking Human Protein Concentrate while pregnant may result in prenatal transmogrification. Improper use of Human Protein Concentrate may lead to upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, muscular swelling, scaled growths, prehensile appendicitis, distention of the thorax, tooth itch, intestinal gulnch, minor death, and in some serious cases, fever. See Cutterred Flesh for more details.

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