Remembering Boz a Year Later


A year ago we lost a great friend of the community. Some called him James, some called him Boz, or Bozlinger. We all miss him.

James was a proud Aussie. His friend and fellow Aussie Ted Nu-Djent wanted to share some words on this occasion:

Admittedly, I first joined the RHRC (The Facebook group that was formed before Papa Joe became a papa to this wonderful toilet) out of curiosity to see who were the people behind the pseudonyms. Was Stockhausen a dead composer in real life? Did George Bush really comment on metal blogs? Did Joe really thrash and kill and was Negrodamus black or just racist? Once I joined, it was cool to meet all these new people from all over the world but it was even cooler to find out that there was a fellow Aussie amongst them. And this was how he introduced himself.

Little did I know that 1 year and 1 day later I would be shocked and saddened to lose someone who I could honestly call a genuine friend. The fact that the death of someone I never met in real life had such an effect on me is a testament to the type of guy he was.Apart from that wild beard, I’ll always remember with a smile our message chats about life, what pissed us off and your hilarious observations whenever a heated debate emerged in the Facebook group. Your Microsoft paint birthday greetings that no one was safe from and game day when the Dees would be playing. Every post always started with “Go Dees” and generally ended with “Fuck this game” (except for that one time when they actually won). I’ve never known a more gentler soul than you and I doubt that I will for a long time to come. I miss you mate and I hope that you are resting peacefully. Today I’ll have a few beers and crank some Dead Kelly in honor of your memory.

James was as OG Toileteer as it gets. I miss making fun of each other’s accents on Google Hangouts. I miss shamelessly white knighting Taylor Swift with him. I miss his absurd sense of humor in odd-hours Facebook chats. Rest in peace, Boz.


James Bozlinger

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