Riff Of The Week: April All-In Edition



Last week I asked for Scandinavian-sounding riffs from bands based outside of the region and only one of you coughed up an entry. So I guess they win by default. This is what happens when you don’t send in riffs, a fuckin’ metalcore band wins. Well done to Positronic Brain regardless, for being the only one with the guts to submit.

This week we went themeless for a good-old Free-For-All. Lotta different stuff to listen to here so let’s get to it…

ME GORAK!!!!!!
Mutilation Rites – ‘Contaminate’ (Riff @ 2:00)


Slomatics – ‘Ancient Architects’ (Riff @ 0:19)

From what’s probably my most-played LP lately. I thought seriously about including one of the riffs from Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard’s first half of the split; but Slomatics side hits like the crushing weight of the hull of a derelict starship falling from the sky even after MWWB’s mammoth (yes pun intended) riffage. This riff is immense. This riff is Cosmic. I guarantee when this riff is posted it will still be in heavy rotation.

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper
Thin Lizzy – ‘Bad Reputation’ (Riff @ 1:21)

Thin Lizzy are great. Captain Obvious here to save the day. Anyway, now that we have that objective fact out of the way, the riff at 1:21 is the perfect use of dual lead guitars. Nuff said.

Tom Warrior’s Beanie
King Diamond – ‘Amon Belongs to Them’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Long live the King.

Old Wolf – ‘Trail Of Tears’ (Riff @ 0:40)

I’ve been really digging this (late) release from Old Wolf, who I’d never heard of until I stumbled upon this bandcamp.  Whole album is a trad ripper, but I love the baseline riff throughout Trail of Tears, starting at 0:40and continuing throughout.

Howard Dean
Danzig – “Dirty Black Summer” (Riff @ 0:44)

I don’t know about the rest of you’ll cowards from the northern hemisphere, but I’m fucking ready for summer. May your summers be blessed by the spirit of Danzig and John Christ. May your summers be both Dirty and Black. May this summer keep you warm like a funeral pyre. This riff is fucking awesome and better than your riff. Give in to the ‘zig. Whooooahh!

Silent Difference – ‘A Distorted Reality Melts In The Dusk…’ (Riff @ 2:55)

Oh boy. Anime crap. After this submission, I will start an #NoAnime regime. I find this slightly blackened weebcore band amazing. The riff in question is all sorts of badass. Melodic, heavy, technical… or maybe it sucks and I’m just blinded by my weebness. Tell me what you think.

Positronic Brain
Brutally Deceased – ‘The Art of Dying’ (Riff @ 2:38)

Lacertillian used a different riff from this song last week. What I’D like to draw your attention to, however, is the cool tremolo-y melodic riff under the solo – the solo which, by the way, is almost exactly the goddamn same as Randy Rhoads’ solo in “Mr Crowley,” just in an HM-2 death metal setting.

Sepulcher – ‘Delirious’ (Riff @ 0:30)

This riff fucks.

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Next week I want you to send in riffs from an album’s title track. Must be exactly the same title as the album, don’t be a dickhead and send in ‘Reek Of Putrefaction’, ‘Hammerheart’, or fucking ‘Raining Blood’.
Submission details below.


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