Flush it Friday: Dissociation Time


Hey there, Toileteers. It’s Friday afternoon. Let’s recap the week.

We partnered with Transcending Obscurity to give away 100 digital downloads of Depravity’s latest. Want one? Better move fast, we’ve only got about 20 left.

ToH and Transcending Obscurity Are Giving Away 100 Downloads of Depravity’s Evil Upheaval

365 made gifs outta the latest Ghost video so you can experience the action without having to listen to the music. You’re welcome.

Ghost – Rats: A Video Breakdown

Toilet Radio did what it does best: making fun of Five Finger Death Punch and tickling your nostalgia boner for 90s cartoons.

Toilet Radio 117: Getting Stoned, Playing Video Games, and Listening to FFDP

Stockhausen went out looking for “GROSS” music. He found it.

Tag Diving: Gross

Finally, we’re sharing the results of the Toilet-wide music consumption survey. Woof. Your wallets scream in agony.

How Much Has Metal Cost You? The Results

That’s it for me this week. Thank you for your continued support of this online shitter. The floor is yours. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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