Riff Of The Week: Blue Edition



Last week we went on the air for our Live Edition. Almost 50% of you chanted you’re doin’ it Peeeeteeerrrrr and voted for Captain Hook and his prog-dad look. Congrats.

Now following on from our Red and Green editions, this week we asked you to get creative with the theme Blue. Kind of expected to get a few Baroness songs, a Thulcandra track, a clever Cobalt pick (apparently they have riffs?), or even something from Altars. You bowl-dwellers never cease to surprise me though. Let’s see what you sent in…

Acid Bath – ‘The Blue’ (Riff @ 0:54)

Bayous and murders, baby!

The Akerstache
Katatonia – ‘Rusted’ (Riff @ 2:54)

If Katatonia doesn’t make you as blue as an asphyxiated blue whale there’s something wrong with you. Seriously, you might not be capable of feeling human emotion if Katatonia doesn’t pull the heartstrings even a tiny bit. And they have the riffs too. I coulda picked any of their songs, cuz to be honest all their songs make me blue as fuck, but dammit, Rusted just has such a great riff, and it makes me oh so blue.

Acid Bath – ‘The Blue’ (Riff @ 1:08)


Its not too creative but the shit jams. Sorry you got a SoundCloud link but I could’ve sent in their live videos where Dax always masturbates during his performance. Riff at 0:00, 0:25, 0:45, & 1:08. So many riffs, so many votes.

Lone Biker Of The Apocalypse
Acid Bath – ‘The Blue’ (Riff @ 2:22)

The sun burns on
It reminds me of you
The slit wrists of the sky
Bleeding into the blue

Howard Dean
Acid Bath – “The Blue” (Riff @ 0:55)

Apparently the album version of this track is impossible to find anywhere on the YouTubes (thanks, Rotten Records!), but a demo version and a few live versions exist. This live version from ’96 might be even better than the album version, so it all works out. This was a special band, and one of HD’s all-time favorites. Hate and filth from the heart of NOLA. Yes please. They released two nearly perfect albums and then faded back into the swamp. The main riff(s) in ‘The Blue’ are huge. It’ll get you jacked up.

Dir En Grey – ‘Increase Blue’ (Riff @ 0:07)

Diru is one of those bands I don’t really pay attention to. But this album, in all it’s simplistic glory, managed to stay in my mind, not only for the nostalgia factor (one of the first Metal? albums I listened to, at the wee age of 5) but also because of how FUN it sounds. And this track is the funnest of them all. Y’all asked for blue so I’ll “INCREASE blue”. may god have mercy on my soul.

The Grabluelating Dark Satanic Milfs
Hooverphonic – ‘Jackie Cane’ (Riff @ 0:15)

I was gonna use something out of their previous album, Blue Wonder Power Milk, but I liked this riff better and the cover is blue anyway, so there you go. These guys are huge in their homeland of Belgium, but here in ‘Murica they are some truly underground shit.

Virus – ‘The Blue Flags Of The Dead’ (Riff @ 3:10)

Originally thought it would be a smaht double dip tie-in to submit ‘Blue Line Cretin’ from The Red Chord, with the fact that their vocalist joined the boys in blue after they disbanded. But nobody likes a fucken cop. Also, even though he reached the finals, Czral got bundled out of the Most Innovative Guitarist comp a little too early for my liking, so Virus it is. The giddy galloping riff at 3:10 which is complimented by that cryptic wandering bass-line forms the perfect contrast to the dreary and submissive tone of the song’s main theme. Groom yourself snaller.

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Next week we’re getting hell bent for leather. Send in Judas Priest riffs. But remember what happened today, and maybe don’t go for those obvious choices.
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