Riff ov the Week: Violin/Cello


Did you know that riffs could be made by things other than guitars? I didn’t either until a wiseman by the name of W. brought it to my attention after proposing a Riff ov the Week wherein we focus on things called “violins” and “cellos” — these are, presumably, instruments of some sort. More on this shocking new discovery after the jump. 

Last week, Dagon edged me out by like 2 votes. Whatever. Congrats, you Pisces fuck.


It was a vicious and sensual battle between he, the Tapir, and I, but he emerged victorious with Dopethrone‘s stoner-dooming “Scum Fuck Blues”. A dramatization of these events can be seen below:



Next week:

  • I think someone suggested this… Solo projects. Your riffs must be from a “band” that consists of only one person.
  • Send your solo project riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link to the song, the time of the riff, and a description.
  • If you have an idea for a theme, do let me know.



14:20. Slow death by violinblizzard.



You might say the violin part at 3:01 is *puts on sunglasses* uneXpected. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!



I’m not taking the poser route by finding a string riff in a metal song. I’m going with a band that is only strings (and drums), and only metal. If Apocalyptica came to your mind just now, gtfo. Judgement Day rules, and this is easily the best music video of all time. The best riff is at 1:56.



Symphonic metal sucks. It mixes the worst elements of symphonic with the worst elements of metal to make a clusterfuck of suck. Here’s an obviously synthesized violin/cello (can’t be arsed/don’t want to make sure). Just be glad I didn’t choose “It Never Ends” by BMTH just to spite you all.



It’s rainy for the second Saturday in a row… FUCK!!! At least it’s good doom weather. Riff starts at 5:45.


Ted Nü-Djent

Here’s something to break up the monotony of all the likely shitty folk metal submissions from about 7:24 mark.


Ron Deuce

Loom is a hardcore/punk/emo band that has a violin player in it. If you’ve never heard them before, you’re in for a treat. All their songs have violin parts throughout and the song “Prizes” shows off how they utilize it for maximum effect as the guitar lead at 1:30 in sets up the chorus where the violin just rules the entire part over everything else. Believe it or not, there’s an entire album of this and it’s incredible.


Mother Shabubu III

When I heard violin or cello riffs, I immediately thought Giant Squid. Jackie Perez Gratz adds a very interesting texture to this band that gives it this almost eerie quality. I mean, cello? Listen to dat riffage. Do I win unfunny pun of the week now? 5:24.



Abigail Williams catches a lot of (misplaced) hell. So, they made a couple mediocre albums, then with Becoming transformed themselves into something glorious. This is, by far and wide, one of my favorite USBM albums ever made. Hopefully we get another this year. The strings in this song start at the very beginning, but this buildup to riff starts around 7:00. [Be it known: this is the link I was sent. — Masterlord]



Jackie Perez Gratz shreds the cello. And I’m jello, baby. 7:38.



Hårgalåten, if Google Translate is accurate, is based on a traditional Swedish folk song and features violinist Ylva Wåhlstedt, who kicks off proceedings, before electric guitars enter @0:13…



Not metal, but metal as fuck! I first became aware of virtuoso cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne through Musk Ox’s Woodfall album (which happens to be my number one album of 2014). I know, I’m a poser. If there is one thing that you do today, make sure that it’s listening to this track in it’s entirety. Riff starts at 6:25. I don’t know when it ends. I don’t want to know when it ends. Side note: Stanley implores you to listen to the section at 7:10.



Put your Victorian cape, grab your grimoire, enter the misty castle, and prepare to clean the cobwebs. This is Estatic Fear. Riffs starts in 0:00.


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