An Interview with Russian Prog Metal Band Sympuls-E


A little pinch of melodic death metal, a pinch of electro-industrial, and even more awesome metal from one of Russia’s undiscovered treasures here in, well, pretty much anywhere outside of Russia! Sympuls-E took a little time to sit down with your Supreme Leader and give us a heads up on them, a little history on one of Russia’s oldest towns, and the future of the band. Enjoy!

Hello from America! For those who aren’t familiar with your music, tell us a little bit about the history of the band and your influences.

Our band was formed in 2008 and had the name “Scythe’s Blow”. The founders are Dmitry Kokarev (Guitars, Clean Vox) and Aleksandr Milekhin (Bass). In 2008, has been recorded demo album “Zerkalo Goroda” (“Mirror City”). In 2012, we recorded a full-length album “Destroying The Barriers”, after which Diana Novikova – the vocalist, has left the band and Christina Kolesikhina took her place. In 2013, we released two Internet singles: “Na Start” and “Generate Reincarnation”. In 2014 global changes in the band have began. And now the only one original member of the band is Dmitry Kokarev. In May 2015 our first album with English lyrics “Solarstorm” was released. The sources of inspiration for us is basically a Melodic Death Metal and a lot of other genres of metal. Particularly we can emphasize such bands as Mors Principium Est, Wintersun, Omnium Gatherum, Children of Bodom, Sybreed, Born of Osiris, Scar Symmetry, Protest the Hero and a host of others! Oh, and, of course, different soundtracks! 🙂

And where is Rayazan? I’ve honestly never heard of that area of Russia. And what is it like there?

Ryazan is located about 180 km to south-east of Moscow. Ryazan is included in the 30 largest cities of Russia. But it doesn’t differ from the other cities except that the roads are very bad and gangsters are very evil. Haha! By the way, our city has recently celebrated 920 years!

What is the metal scene like there?

It is a hard time for metal scene in our city. Previously, there were a lot of good bands and metalheads, but every year they become less. At the moment, our town has some good metal bands. Musicians communicate with each other and often wander from band to band.

I took a quick look through Wikipedia about the city, and it’s one of the electronic capitals of Russia! Does this fit into the mood and the feel of the band, with the electronic feel to the music? It definitely seems like a unique place.

Of course, the environment influence on our work, but still more it is our personal emotions and experiences!

I would have to wonder how you construct songs, considering the way it’s done. Do you already have the lyrics and concepts put together, then do the music? And does it start with lyrics/vocals first, the guitars second, drums and bass third, or some other way?

Hard to say. Well, basically, there is some melody in our minds, and it is an element of inspiration, then it accretes with different riffs and arrangements & everything can be changed. It is hard to organize this process, some of the tracks are written in a few years, some for a few days, it all depends on what events are taking place around us.

Any plans to tour America? I know things fell apart between the governments of Russia and America, which makes things more difficult… Thankfully got to see Arkona a few years ago! Hopefully there would be a tour here with you, Arkona and perhaps even Aria!

We’d like to visit you! But one desire here is not enough, we need a lot of money, and a good promotion and the label, and we have with this is that some of the difficulties.

What are the future plans for the band?

Now we are recording a new single, which will include a new track and a cover of a very famous song, and we will re-record our old song in English 🙂

And here’s where I put the chef’s hat on you. Any good local recipes you and your manager would like to share?

In Russia we call it “Yorsh” (or “Ruffe” in English). One part of vodka two parts of beer. It’s cheap & evil! 😀

Anything else you’d like to share before you go? Thanks again, and an honor to interview you!

We would like to wish to everyone to ignore all political prejudices and stereotypes, and to listen good music. Thanks to everyone who supports and listens Sympuls-E! We hope to see you at our live shows.

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