Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.24 Sewer Surfin’ Metal


New filth from Contaminated, Cerebral Rot, Fuming Mouth, Gutteral Slug, Eruptive, and Rotted, along with Chelsea Wolfe, Austin Terror Fest recap, new Baroness and Tomb Mold, possum eating spiders, Indonesian slam, and other important things.

If you prefer smart metal over sewer shit, check out last week’s Skronknitive Dissonance episode.

Music featured this week:
Fuming Mouth – ‘Fatalism’ from The Grand Descent (out now)
Cerebral Rot – ‘Repulsive Infestation Of Cadaver’ from Odious Descent Into Decay (out 16/8 on 20 Buck Spin)
Contaminated ‘Death Sick’ from split w/ Kutabare (out 28/6 on Blood Harvest)
Gutteral Slug – ‘Plague Of Filth’ from Plague Of Filth (out 14/7 on Brutal Mind)
Eruptive – ‘Cerebral Rotteness’ (out now)
Rotted – ‘Liquefied’ from Dying To Rot (out now on Maggot Stomp)
Chelsea Wolfe – ‘The Mother Road’ from Birth Of Violence (out 13/9 on Sargent House)

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