Premiere: Exaltation – “Divider of Redemption”


A most vile rebirth

You could be forgiven for not knowing about New Zealand’s Exaltation; to date, they have only dropped one humble demo back in 2017 to very little fanfare. It was a solid if unremarkable release, crunchy and lo-fi in the way one would expect from a self-produced death metal demo, and the music itself was… well, also what you might expect from a self-produced death metal demo. There’s nothing wrong with starting out small, of course- we love our up-and-comers here- but again, it’s something I think most people would listen to once and move on without a spare thought.

Fast forward to today and you might be shocked to hear how far the band has come in the last five years. Exaltation has gone through a massive upgrade in every respect, from performance to songwriting to production. Their track for you today, “Divider of Redemption,” is emblematic of the sound of their upcoming album, Under Blind Reasoning. No longer a generic blackened death act, this thing is a monstrosity emerged from the abyss, part doom, part dissonance, all foreboding. It’s like Grave Miasma by way of Incantation, touching on the former’s blackened death mastery and the latter’s umbral delivery. It is dark, it is devastating, it is vile, and it is glorious. Hear it now for yourselves:

Under Blind Reasoning releases on July 29th via Sentient Ruin. Preorder it here, and keep an eye on Bandcamp for more tunes as they release.

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