Toilet Radio 437 – The Nepotism Episode


This week on Toilet Radio: Nepotism! We’re talking about nepotism across the arts. Let’s drill down on nepo babies like: Houston Taipei (Lars Ulrich’s kids), Vended (Corey Taylor and Shawn Crahan’s kids), Kelly Osbourne, Lauren Harris (Steve Harris), The Raven Age (Steve Harris), Apartment 26 (Ol’ Geezer Butler), Motor Sister (Meatloaf’s daughter + Scott Ian), Jordan McGraw (Dr Fuckin’ Phil), Emily’s Army (one of the Green Day guy’s kids), Ultra Q (another one of the Green Day guy’s kids), Lody Kong (Max Cavalera’s kid), Mammoth WVH (Van Halen’s kid), and more! As an added bonus, several of the extremely shitty songs we play on this episode have been stuck in my head all week! Enjoy!

Music featured on this ‘sode:

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