Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.56] Toillettes à Trois


The Anarchists of Amour are back with 360-degree-lookout Roldy peeping hard as they all exchange some post-coital bangers.

Sometimes you fly a bit too close to the Sun; you go from excitedly poking the bear to pants-shittingly running away because you woke it up. We informed our mortal enemies at Toilet Radio (TM) about the immortal rivalry between Toilets and the Riff Raff in the sewers beneath. We were floating, and our asses got flushed. It took a minute for us to lick our wounds, call our moms, and say a bunch of motivational nonsense in the mirror, but we’re back. It’s a bit belated, we know, but we really love you baby—please give us a second chance, cause this episode is a straight up St Valentine’s day massacre. Joined once again by their favorite owl who likes to watch, Roldy, Hansel and Eenzel all decide to celebrate their toillettes à trois by each picking a song for each other (that’s a K3 complete digraph worth of songs for you nerds out there… or 6 for you normies).  It’s so sweet you might just puke—we hope Toilet Radio does. And forgets to flush. Gottem.

New Music Features This Week

Han’s Picks
For Eenzel
: Sweat – Machismo (not even out yet, awwww)
For Rold: Bokor – The Viral Prophesies

Eenzy’s Picks
For Rold:
Kalmah – Heroes to Us
For Hansel: The Secret – Weathermen

Roldy’s Picks
For Heidy:
Cormorant – Sky Burial
For Hanschoffel: Foreseen – Fearmonger

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