Riff-Raff Podcast: [Ep.44] Spearsgiving (Us 5 Top Trax ov 2019)


Spear joins us this week to share 5 of his fave songs from 2019, including some killer thrash, dissodeath, meloblack, and horrific sludge. We also talk turkey, Knives Out, chugging, boomers covering Drowning Pool, bands who probably piss off PETA, and Dallas tour bus drivers, sorry Spear.

Last episode Kit and I pined for some Brutal Toadcore. I’m not explaining that any further, you’ll just have to listen.

Music Featured On This Episode:
Critical Defiance – ‘Spiral Of Hatred’ from Misconception (Unspeakable Axe)
Horseburner – ‘Drowning Bird’ from The Thief (Ripple Music)
Raptvre – ‘Feast Upon Their Flesh’ from Monuments Of Bitterness (Crawling Chaos)
Wormwitch – ‘Two Wolves’ from Heaven That Dwells Within (Prosthetic)
Rorcal – ‘The Only Constant In This World Is The Blackness Of The Human Heart’ from Muladona (Hummus)

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