Premiere – Ritual Necromancy/Fossilization


Do The Spew.

Ritual Necromancy takes the opening screening with their interminous “Enter The Depths”. It’s like sinking into a warm pool, that’s developed in stratified layers of fungus, moss, and algae. Your body seizes and calcifies, flesh sloughing into a soggy husk, dermis by dermis, abraded away by the pressure point drumming and noxious guitar. The instruments can wilt about one another, like your clumps of falling hair, or strain together in hideous gnarls, like the membranous jelly that was once your clenched fists.

Fossilization are the newcomers to this meet, sporing off of the transcendently obscure Jupiterian, and caking on a lot more cave soil. “Exalted In The Altar Of Insignificance” is a frantic wretch, scraping at the walls of the tomb with rasped fingertips, ears inundated with its own ringing shrieks, pacing in a bed of dead leaves and eying you through its tangled locks. “With Blood And Feathers” is the more insistent and imposing, even the overtones of the crusted guitar feeling like flecks of dirt settling on the surface of your eyes.

This duo is well-suited to Spew’s formidable stable of cavernous, lurking death metal. Ask not your country can do for Spew. Ask what Spew can do for your country.

Ritual Necromancy/Fossilization releases Feb 25
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