The Appendix Podcast: Ep.6 – Obliterate Your AOTY Lists


We’ve got a bunch more killer new metal to ruin your percious lists, and some spicy takes to ruin your day.

After a week off we’re chock-full with bangin’ trax. We also talk metal karaoke, shit Slayer tattoos, the electrical conductivity of canines, Sepultura Nachos, video game movies, Timeghoul worship, Brazilian BBQ beer cum, and I try not to get mad about Mastodon‘s Brent Hinds, world politics and the “left”, Manowar apologists, and Clint Eastwood everything. Good times.

Music Featured This Week:

Skelethal – ‘Torrents Of Putrefying Viscousity’ from Heirs Of Hideous Secrecies [split w/ Cadaveric Fumes] (out 30/11)

Consumed – ‘Leeches’ from Consumed (out now @ Art As Catharsis)

Det eviga leendet – ‘Ingest’ from Lenience (out now @ Fallen Empire)

Desolation Realm – ‘Sepulchral Nucleus’ from Desolation Realm (out now)

Guðveiki – ‘Blóðhunang’ (out 12/12 @ Fallen Empire/Mystikaos)

Obliteration – ‘Cenotaph Obscure’ from Cenotaph Obscure (out 23/11 @ Indie Recordings)

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