Shirt Stains: Inquisition


Welcome back to Shirt Stains, our weekly roundup of some of the worst merch metal has to offer. This is normally 365 Days of Horror’s beat, but I’m filling in for him today. For no reason at all, I figured it’d be fun to take a look at some of the worst shirt designs from long running Seattle-by-way-of-Colombia black metal act Inquisition.

We begin with this particularly dreary garment. A logo and a scratchy 30-minute doodle slapped atop the cheapest piece of fabric this side of a dish rag. This shirt looks like it was sold with a complimentary pair of camo cargo pants. Just terrible.

A misshapen Conan/Reaper hybrid appears to compare the size of his tool with a Klansman while Dracula watches in the distance from his castle. What’s happening here? Why is there so much empty space? I’m pretty sure the designer of this shirt just went to lunch and never came back.

No one can read this tiny ass font. For all I know this text on the back of this shirt is a recipe for haggis.

What self-respecting black metal band prints white ringer tees? Furthermore, this Inquisition shirt doesn’t even have the right name on it! Terrible.

At least this Inquisition shirt is black. I suppose the design is somewhat tough , but the Russian red star is in contrast to the very German eagle. Overall, it’s a non-sensical shirt and Inquisition misspelled their band name AGAIN.

This Inquisition shirt also claimed it was a big misunderstanding when it got caught downloading a shit ton of child porn.

Wow! These shirts are awful! Inquisition is on tour right now. Try to avoid picking up any of their merch.

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