Riff Of The Week: June Free-For-All Edition



Real quick before today’s comp, let’s look at the results from last week’s Fast Edition. Hans took out the prize with some weird Teutonic magic of his. Congratz!

This week’s contest was THEMELESS.
Lets’ see what you sent in…

Positronic Brain
Full of Hell – ‘Armory of Obsidian Glass’ (Riff @ 5:30)

In the middle of a mostly dissonant album, Full of Hell go all Deafheaven on us for exactly one riff, and it sounds great.

Spirit Adrift – ‘Hear Her’ (Riff @ 2:12)

The new Spirit Adrift has been slaying all comers this year. This track has a crushing baseline riff throughout, but I particularly like the passage starting at 2:12.

Convulsing – ‘Were’ (Riff @ 2:35)

I didn’t get around to Grievous until last December, and by then I was pretty confident about the rankings on my 2018 list; then this had to come along and blow everything on it out of the water. [Lizard Note: vote for this]

Howard Deanzig
Bölzer – “Chlorophyllia” (Riff @ 0:28)

I’ve spent a lot of time defending this album over the last three years. I think the band’s rapid rise out of obscurity and the associated hype-train created a vortex of hate that coalesced during the release of their debut, with both trve metal underground warriors and hip try-hards spewing vitriol because it became cool/essential to hate on the band. But at the end of the day, the album still stands as a colossal achievement, and its ending is elevated by this truly huge, monumental riff. I know the kinda hokey clean vocal appeal to the hero’s mother at the end alienates people (I happen to love it), but this riff is as ballsy as they come. If ever there existed a riff that perfectly captures the (admittedly cheesy) triumphal celebration of a Homeric hero, this is it.

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Autophagy – “Intro / Lure of the Labyrinth” (Riff @ 1:30)

Ever since I first heard this demo thanks to IO’s interview with Ossuarium back in January, I’ve been waiting to submit this riff. A perfect opener that sets the tone for the rest of this demo that has a shockingly scant amount of BC supporters. (Up until re-reading that interview before submitting (to) the riff, I thought Autophagy and Ossuarium shared members, but the interview doesn’t actually say that. They’re just also from Portland. I’m sorry to everyone for lying about that.)

Ossuary – ‘Lured By Cadence Of Wraiths’ (Riff @ 5:03)

We played a track from this on yesterday’s Riff-Raff Podcast and I haven’t been able to get this shit outta my head ever since.
Flesh dissolving spectral death.

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