Tech Death Thursday: Raster Density


Are you ready to have your senses pummeled? No? Too bad.

Today I’m gonna introduce you to a little band from Jyväskylä, Finland (this is clearly a joke since we all know Finland is imaginary) called Raster Density. They released a beast of an album titled Ov Hands and Bestial Pleasure in July of this year. Trust me this is one you’re gonna want to check out, because this band is badass. No other way to put it. Before we go any further, check out “Shattering the Spheres”:

That intro cracks me up. TWO EASY STEPS YOU GUYS.  Raster Density write some top notch tech death. The drums are especially monstrous and do a great job of making my car feel like its about to break the sound barrier. The vocals are menacing and brutal, but not cookie-cutter. There are some super sweet riffs too. Production-wise I would say these dudes nailed it. It’s not a super clean production, but it fits their sound perfectly. This is something I wish more bands would do. Make the production fit your sound, people!

As I’m writing this, I’m trying to think of who these guys remind me of and I’m coming up blank. So, I’d say they’re pretty unique. It’s not that they’re doing things that haven’t been done before, they just do it in a way that makes them stand apart from the rest. It’s kind of similar to the way Artificial Brain play a style that’s been done countless times, but they do it so much better. If I absolutely had to pick a comparison for Raster Density I would say they are like a mix of Hour of Penance, Decapitated, and maybe some Arkaik. One of the things you will undoubtedly notice if you listen to the album in it’s entirety is that the band manages to throw little hints of prog into their songs here and there. It’s just enough for the listener to pick up on, but it never completely takes over the song and prevents these guys from staying tech or anything. 40 seconds in on the album’s title track is a good example of what I’m talking about.

I’m excited to see what this band comes up with next. Until that time though, I will be following them on Facebook and Bandcamp, and you should too.

Instead of a guest submission I feel compelled to post the new Primordium album. We previously posted an interview with them as well as the original single they released. This is tech death done right boys and girls. DAT RIFF though! As I am currently in a hurry because a certain someone chose to be a procrastinating lifelover and leave me scrambling at the very last minute; I am not gonna post a lengthy description. Primordium’s music is more than capable of speaking for itself.

That’s it for this week. Until next time,

Stay Tech

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