New Tunes from Seven Sisters of Sleep: “Gutter” and “War Master”


Listen to two tracks of slow, riff-heavy death metal.

SOMEBODY (me) was too busy jamming a finger into his nose to notice that Seven Sisters of Sleep are back with brand new music in anticipation of Ezekiel’s Hags, the band’s third full-length and first for Relapse. If you’re not hip to the sounds of Seven Sisters of Sleep, I fucked up. Their Self Titled and Opium Morals hold the rare distinction of being two of the few CDs I still own. In the past, the band embraced sludge and doom atmosphere with intermittent grinds. With these new tracks, Seven Sisters of Sleep don’t appear to have considerably changed their formula, aside from upping the riff quotient by roughly 666%.

If you’re in the mood for some slow death metal, by all means, put “War Master” in your ears. For those keeping score at home, this song makes the third good thing namedWar Master“. I sincerely hope this trend continues. Check out their official video below:

Brand new track “Gutter” opens with a slow death metal march that would make Bolt Thrower proud. Gradually increasing speed, “Gutter” launches into a grind maelstrom before lurching to a lock-step groove. Jam it below and headbang your neck to dust.

Ezekiel’s Hags will be out February 5th. Preorder it here, then go tell the band “Hi-diddly-ho neighborino”.

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