TMP: Eneferens, Terrorizer, Obliteration, and More!



Eneferens released some great sounding atmo BM.

Chimaira guitarist has a new band, The Elite, new track here. Not half bad, but the artwork is maybe a few years behind the time.

Get Obliteration-ed.


Another one of those posthumous Warrel Dane tracks.

  • YOB has some dates with Thrones and Khorada on the west coast.
  • Marduk got banned from Guatemala, because black metal is scary. The potential racism didn’t seem to be a factor.
  • New Author & Punisher, again. Album out Friday.
  • New music from Unearth chuggs a whole lot.
  • Behemoth is a teasin’.
  • New stuff from Daughters.
  • Terrorizer premiered a track at Decibel.
  • Another Deadbird is here. Album out October 12.
  • Members from Suicide Silence, Youth Code, and Rob Zombie are making music for some reason.
  • More Benighted for you.
  • Sinsaenum covered Melvins.
  • Spirit Adrift did a Flexi. Hope I get to hear a Digi soon.
  • New ballady Coheed.
  • Another one of those posthumous Warrel Dane tracks.
  • More sludgy doom from Brainoil is here.
  • Teaser from Soilwork.
  • Hardcore band Tourniquet threw a guitar case into the crowed and injured a dude, but the dude has been accused of frequent crowd killing, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  • Harm’s Way got all their gear stolen and set up a Go Fund Me. Really bums me out when this stuff happens to good people.
  • Guitarist and drummer from Machine Head quit the band.
  • New thrash from Artillery.
  • Skull Pit is some serious lolbuttz. Metal Blade clearly doing a favor for a friend?
  • New acoustic Chthonic.
  • New Chrome Division lyric video.
  • New Nita Strauss, album out in November.
  • I can totally pronounced Einherjer. New track.
  • Japanese avant people Sigh have a track with White Wine Aficionado.
  • Within Temptation have a track with the guy from Papa Roach.
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