Riff of the Week: The “Songs with Dragon in the Title” Edition



Hey everyone. Welcome to what is sure to be a very good contest. Before we get to these dragon-bangin’ riffs, let’s talk about last week. But let’s do it briefly so I don’t end my own life.

Because 10 of you voted for some boring-ass Mastodon riff (submitted by Salvador Dali Lama) like the predictable casuals you are. Your bad taste cost me the win again. Have some goddamn self-respect, people.

Next week, the theme is No Mastodon. Send your non-Mastodon riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link to the riff, the time of the riff, and an explanation.

Good thing dragons always cheer me up.



Guys, this riff is so good. Come on. 0:36.



IDGAF I’m hot AF. Riff at 0:11.



So, I just entered “power metal dragon song” in the YouTube search bar and this was the first entry. Good thing that the track itself is really good. It has a big symphonic side to it, I like that. Riff starts at 0:37.


Guacamole Jim

I don’t like many songs with the word ‘dragon’ in the title. Usually they’re terrible songs on terrible albums by terrible bands with terrible careers. Usually. Yet, this very day, I have brought forth the best riff in a ‘dragon’ themed song ever, without question, argument, or debate – if you disagree, I will come to your house, steal your credit cards, and ruin your credit rating for the rest of your life. The riff starts immediately after the song’s epic as fuck drum intro, so grab your best sword and buckler and get ready to murder all in your path.



Attn: anti-power metal toilet contingent. Allow Abigor to use their dragon magic to lead the way in slaying all the power metal dorks in this heavily cheese-tilted edition of Riff Ov The Week. Riff starts at 24:10. (Sorry, YouTube doesn’t have the individual song).


Brock Samson / Waynecro

BS: Yay dragons at 2:02.

W: When the Lion Devours Both Dragon and Child” is the first song title that popped into my head after I read the parameters for this week’s Riff ov the Week. Before giving me shit for submitting Anaal Nathrakh riffs two weeks in a row, just be grateful that I didn’t pick a Dragon Guardian song. Anyway, the riff at 2:02 is totally badass, as are the ominous-sounding clean vocals that precede it.



B: I really should have submitted this last week and then again this week, instead I rolled the dice with Emperor and somehow it came up snake eyes. Its the definition of a riff salad, albeit a delicious one, so Ill just pick the section around 3:56. Break ya neck.



Dragons are the dankest of all high fantasy creatures, as evidenced by Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey, and Puff the Magic Dragon. It’s only fitting then, that Sleep should pen a song about blazin’ it so hard you end up riding a dragon through space. The choicest of riffs await you in the opening, the section starting at ~2:20, and the jam starting at ~3:10.



Deathrow. Raging Steel. Dragon’s Blood. I’m gonna win because how can I not with those words. Metal! Chuggy riff at 2:45.


Ted Nü-Djent Edgar Escher Poe

TND: I have 4 songs in my library with Dragon in the title. The best of which being this Queen cover by Testament. There’s a really cool bass riff at 2.15.

EEP: My name is Edgar Escher Poe, first time doing this, I didn’t really have a song in mind when I read this weeks theme, but after perusing my music library i stumbled upon this mighty track. The whole song is amazing, but If I had to pick one riff, it would be the one running with the crazy solo part, start at 2:00 for maximum enjoyment, you will know what riff I am referring to when your eardrums are hit by the relentless onslaught of the dragon’s attack!



Since everyone else is most likely going with power metal songs about bonking and deflowering dragons, I decided to be a rebel and go with something more oiled up and dragony. Riff starts at 2:04, and sho nuff it’s the meanest, baddest mofo of this whole bunch!



Oddly enough, it took a dragon for me to put Jeff Loomis in a RotW submission for the first time. I dunno how that’s possible, because he may be my all-time favourite axe-man. Really, the entire tune is one long epic riff, with high moments at 0:28, 1:51 and 2:18 but the peak-Loomis pitch comes in at around 0:56 and repeats throughout the tune, perfectly accompanying Warrel Dane’s ethereal wails. This wins all the dragons.





Boss the Ross

This week will surely have plenty of glorious Power Metal riffs so I had to go with something different. Yes I know I’m named after the Manowar guitarist and not picking a Power Metal riff is a travesty, but oh well, get over it. Instead I present to you one of my favorite riffs from my favorite band, Clutch, in the form of their song “The Dragonfly.”. Simple, heavy and groovy are words to describe this riff. It is flawless. A riff to get lost in,. A riff that will consume you if you aren’t careful.Commence your head nodding at 0:23 after a sweet wah and backwards drum intro.



So last week I stupidly forgot to submit my riff for the Fire theme. Turns out, the very same song fits this week’s theme. Rejoice in but one of the approximately 631 riffs from my favourite death metal album of all time. I chose 0:36, but you can pick any really. If next week’s theme is based on the word Valley or Breath, I’ll just pick one of the other riffs that make up this 5:08 of awesome.


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