Riff Of The Week: Trad Edition


Rejoice, your weekly riff fix is here once again to save your weekend.

Last week we went in search of Atypical Riffs. We got some weird shit, and weird results. Can’t trust you goons with anything.

This week we asked you for the trvest of the trve. The raddest of the trad. Here’s what you sent in…

Diamond Head – “The Prince” (Riff @ 0:58)

This riff never fails to put me in a good mood. Maybe it will put you in a good mood as well.

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper
Thin Lizzy – ‘Whiskey In The Jar’ (Riff @ 0:19)

Well, you asked for a traditional metal riff, the opening riff to Whiskey In The Jar is an awesome riff, and it’s a cover of a traditional Irish song. Criteria met.

Slayer – ‘Dissident Aggressor’ (Riff at 0:08)

Judas Priest is traditional, right? And Slayer too, yeah? Well when you put the 2 together it should be able to “STAND, FIGHT” off the competition. See what I did there?…

The Granulating Dark Satanic Milfs
Sabbat – ‘The Best Of Enemies’ (Riff @ 0:56)

This is seriously one of the best metal albums of all time and its infuriating to see how underrated it is. There are shitloads of killer riffs in this record, but probably my favorite in the whole album is the one at 0:56 on “The Best Of Enemies”, in which guitarists Andy Sneap and Simon Jones actually slow down a little to lay down a crushing Black Sabbath-ian groove, then speed up to play a thrash-ified version of the same riff.

Howard Dean
Running Wild – “Battle of Waterloo” (Riff @ 0:52)

Many metal bands will release a dozen masterfully curated albums, tour the world several times over, shred their guitars into a blur, and use math theory or some other type of fabricated pseudo-intellectual sorcery to help write their music, and 99.9% of them will never write a riff as cool as this one.

Crypt Sermon – ‘Heavy Riders’ (Riff @ 0:00)

We forge a trail through ancient sands,
Glaciers of leather our hollowed and sorrowed souls,
Heavy riders through distant lands

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Next week we’re going live. Send me your fave riff from a LIVE ALBUM.
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