Flush it Friday: When Toileteers Collide


I don’t bring tidings of new dinos this week, or tales of a post-mask landscape. Instead, I offer a humble thank you to this community and the wonderful creatures therein. Last weekend, I was able to meet up with Vladimir Poutine and his partner in Brookline, and I was once again blown away by the warmth, intelligence, and down-to-earth nature of the folks that congregate here. After some bomb-ass ramen, book-shopping and beers, the gravy-soaked strongman walked off towards the Green line, and I once again wondered, why the hell all y’all don’t live on the east coast with me ‘n [REDACTED]? Ahhhh, sappy owl time. Owl kisses for all who will accept them.

Theobomb thinks Yautja check out this interview:

Interview: Kayhan Vaziri of Yautja

Small treats. B I G music from the boiz:

Mini-Reviews From Around the Bowl (6/17/21)

Spear brought the tech to kick your rear into gear:

Tech Death Thursday: Prog Death Catch-Up

The G, the B, and the U. Serve ’em up below!

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