Toilet Radio 461 – MAD GOD feat. Tim Faust


This week on Toilet Radio we’re joined by Timothy Faust to talk about Phil Tippet’s staggering work of artistic genius, MAD GOD. Completed over the course of 30 years, MAD GOD is a stop-motion nightmare that, while not a traditional horror movie, contains some of the most hellish and dread-inducing imagery you’ll ever see. This movie answers the millennia-old question: What happens when the Holy Lord promises to fuck your whole shit up? But that’s not all – we’re talking about rasslin’, getting into heavy metal as a kid, donating your kidneys, and Health Justice Now. A request from Tim: Has your life been altered by medical debt? Tim wants to hear your story. Email him at

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Artists featured on this ‘sode:
Vertebra Atlantis – Cupio Disolvi

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