SRiHKAL 2016 – Short Releases I Have Known And Loved (Part One)


Around this time last year I ran a four-part series highlighting some of my favourite short releases that I found particularly intoxicating throughout 2015. The format was loosely based on the chemical cookbooks of Alexander Shulgin (TiHKAL & PiHKAL), because in the modern age dominated by the imposition of neo-conservatism, draconian drug laws mean the only legal way to experiment with anything fresh is through music. Thankfully the past 12 months saw another veritable glut of EPs, demos, splits and the like pulse through my bloodstream, often altering my consciousness in an inexplicable manner. As I’m sure you’ve already got on board with many of the more well-known short releases from the likes of Dead Congregation, Gorguts, Deathspell Omega, etc. I’m going to cover some of the bands that I think deserve some (more) coverage. As always, adjust your dose based on your age, weight, tolerance, and fingernail length.

Spectral Apparition



IUPAC Name: Manifestation

Class: Opiate

Synthesis: Isolated from a fungal pathogen that infected the lungs of scientists exploring a previously undiscovered cave somewhere in the U.K. Spores readily form a dense black hyphal mass when agar plates are inoculated in vitro. Current studies have shown the strain possesses a remarkable resistance to all anti-microbial agents tested so far.

Dosage: 3g

Duration: 20 minutes.

Symptoms: Arrythmia, Mental Dissociation, Respiratory Depression.

Similar Compounds: Henosis, Temple Nightside, Vacivus.



IUPAC Name: Tein-Éigin

Class: Hallucinogen

Synthesis: Organic compound obtained from a rare genus of Bryum found only in Scotland. A team of four botanists discovered the moss while trekking through a forest outside of Edinburgh on December 16th 2016. As this particular holotype is extremely new, biochemists have only had time to isolate one active chemical thus far; however based on this incredibly interesting initial finding more are expected to follow.

Dosage: 4mg

Duration: 20 minutes.

Symptoms: Closed Eye Visuals, Synesthesia, Ego-Death (at higher doses).

Similar Compounds: Naðra, Anicon, Drudkh.


Shrine Of Insanabilis


IUPAC Name: Tombs Opened By Fervent Tongues

Class: Stimulant.

Synthesis: Created in a clandestine laboratory in Germany on the 2nd of September 2016. Subjects that were dosed during the initial testing regime exhibited the strongly addictive nature of this dark liquid ester. The active compound binds to the adrenergic receptors in the brain and the effects last for substantial periods of time after the chemical has left the bloodstream. A high potency substance that could prove extremely dangerous if spread further across global markets.

Dosage: 2ml

Duration: 11 minutes.

Symptoms: Increased blood pressure, Repetitive motor activity, Intense physical dependency.

Similar Compounds: Ascension, Blaze Of Perdition, Chaos Invocation.


SRiHKAL 2015:

Part One – Throaat (Black Thrash), Instrumental (adj.) (Exp. Math-Prog), Watchtower (Doom), Erruant (Exp. Black)

Part Two – Atlas Entity (Tech-Death, Barghest (Black Doom), Skunk (Stoner), Vacivus (Death)

Part Three – Besieged (Thrash/Death), Cryptic Hymn (Melo-Death), Deep Space Destructors (Psych), Bastardizer (Black Thrash)

Part Four – A Diadem Of Dead Stars (Atmospheric), Expander (HC/PV), Barús (Exp. Prog/Death), Predatory Light (Psych Black)

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