Flush it Friday: WHAT THE FUCK MORE CATS?!


Two weeks ago I had zeros of cats. Today I have threes of cats. How the hell did that happen?

Wednesday evening, the lady and I noticed a high-pitched yell outside the front door. Upon further investigation, we found a very tiny, very soaked kitten. No other animals were anywhere nearby, nor any people. Just this scruffy little bastard. We assume some monster in the neighborhood determined that my porch was a better home for this cat than his own. Or, I dunno, an animal shelter or something.

soaked cat
We took him inside because we are SUCKERS, and gave him food and a bath. He’s quickly overcome his fear of us and learned to appreciate how comfortable my couch is (it’s hella comfortable). My lady took him to the vet who determined that he is a healthy 6-week old boy.

trash cat

This cat is, by my estimation, a Very Good Cat. Unfortunately, my house currently homes two other cats who don’t seem to be thrilled by this sudden threat to their territory. Put simply, I don’t think this house is big enough for the three of them.

Dear reader, if you are in the market for a very sweet, playful, healthy kitten and you live in Texas, please let me know. I will deliver this Very Good Cat directly to your door. For everyone else:

Good: The cat is wicked cute
Bad: I have too many catz
Ugly: Your home without the addition of this sweet kitten.

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