Sunday Sesh: A Farewell to Trash Joe


As most of you know, our editor in chief Joseph B. Thashnkill recently began fostering a tiny kitten left on his doorstep. Although Joe and his partner never intended to keep the little guy, they were required to name him for veterinary purposes, and thus the tiny monster was christened Trash Joe. Today, Joe bids farewell to Trash Joe, and since they say parting is such sweet sorrow, we as a community join him in his mourning.

Although I never met Trash Joe in person, I can tell you that the kitten is pure royalty in an adorably tiny little fluffy body. How do I know? As Joe’s vizier and moral counsel, I was regularly treated to videos like this:

Between his mewling and pooping and nursing and clawing and climbing and scratching and fighting, Trash Joe wormed his way into my heart and brain with his digital toxoplasmosis. I will miss him and the way he used to perch atop Joe’s shoulder and try to steal sandwiches.

To honor Trash Joe and to give him courage for his coming journey in his new home, I leave him (and you) with a wise saying and a song from the cat master himself, Chuck Schuldiner.

Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior. – Carl von Clausewitz

Godspeed, Trash Joe.

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