Track Premiere: Occulsed – “Resiled Necromniscience


The outlook of the tunnel collapse was grim; even the rescue team considered the excavation a formality. What, then, screamed with such savagery as the last rocks were cast aside, revealing the mineshaft? The answer lies below the surface, in the dark of the “Resiled Necromniscience.” It appears Occulsed riffed too greedily and tuned deeply, waking something rather unpleasant. Turn on your dorky helmet lamp, we’re going spelunking in this exclusive track premiere!

Like plundered veins of ore, “Resiled Necromniscience” is scraped bare of anything precious—melody has been melted down to slag, and the last of the Casios was dropped down a pit to measure falling distance. We’re left with an unrefined compound of trog death, doom, and some war metal flaking around the edges; it’s a sound that meshes well with the album’s stark production and scraping vocals. Each twisting tremolo, each rickety minecart blast (think Auroch) reaches our ears with nothing but stale air to soften the impact.

Occulsed understands that being buried under tons of stone is best experienced in short intervals. At just ~3.5 minutes, this track will flatten your wrinkles, your emotions, and anything else you may want flattened. It’s just enough time to mask the approach of an abhorrent spirit slithering over the ground.

Parturition of Adulteration is out December 23rd through Everlasting Spew Records. Check out Occulsed on Zuccbook if you’re on there too!

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