Riff Of The Week: 2020 Anticipation Edition


Riffs from Ulcerate, Malignant Altar, Pyrrhon, Annihilator, Slugdge, and Sclapture. Who you keen for?

Last week we had a visual theme and Pallbearer bared paul.

This week we asked for riffs from bands your anticipating a release from this year
Here’s what you sent in…

Malignant Altar – ‘Spectral Revulsion’ (Riff @ 4:07)

The follow-up live EP contains a track from the “upcoming” album. No further info, but I could see it happening this year. Riff technically starts a little earlier, but I picked the point where muh boi Dobber Beverly comes in, who lends massively cool grooves to this whole EP (and, as I just found out, also used to drum for Insect Warfare).

Ulcerate – ‘Cold Becoming’ (Riff @ 1:00)

It’s difficult to pick out guitar riffs from this incredible band, because my mind keeps drifting towards the drum riffs instead! In general their songs don’t have many repeating guitar riffs; they feel more like prose than anything else. This toe-tapping ditty right there at 1:00 is rather speedy for Ulcerate, although the entire song is perfection

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Annihilator – “Sixes and Sevens” (Riff @ 1:10)

This whole album’s Riff City, and “Sixes and Sevens” might just be the capitol building, and this riff might just be the governor. ‘ELLO GUVNAH.

Slugdge – ‘The Chapter For Transforming Into A Slug’ (Riff @ 1:10)

I’m not sure if them sluggy boys are putting out anything new this year, but a guy can hope. Anyway, it’s kind of unfair to other riffs how hard this riff grooves. Fingers crossed that we get more of this in 2020.

Scalpture – ‘ Flattened Horizons (Pounding Howitzers) ‘ (Riff @ 0:50)

21st of february; pure death metal in the vein of Dismember/Hail Of Bullets/Bolt Thrower.
My genitals are engorged.

Pyrrhon – ‘The Invisible Hand Holds A Whip’ (Riff @ 0:18)

Oh, I can feel the hands on me
They labor with loving efficiency
To carve away pounds of my flesh
As they comfort me:
“This is how it’s supposed to be”

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