Flush it Friday: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Tuatara


It’s no secret that New Zealand has some stunning landscapes—as an owl of culture, I know of this solely based on the Lord of the Rings movies being filmed there. However, the true allure lies in the plethora of endemic species found there: kakapo, kea, kiwis and tuataras to name just a few of the several hundred. Tuataras have a special place in my heart, as what looks something like a drab mini dragon isn’t actually a lizard, but the sole surviving species of the Rhynchocephalia order of reptiles. That sounds lonely, guess I’ll need to visit and give them so many hugs!

Many thanks to Jake for allowing me to type Hemina Hemina again:

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IGoM went Coetzee-core for this look at the latest from Mizmor:

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Bob Genghis Khan was slimy and satisfied with this album premiere for Dripping Decay:

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These Minis are delectable and leave room for dessert:

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Do u like reptiles? If not, why are you like this? Tell me more alongside your G/B/Us! ~<3 Roldy

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