Toilet Radio 449 – Covers From Hell Pt. 2


We had such a good time with last week’s episode that we had to go back to the fridge for a second helping of terrible fucking metal covers. This time around we’re talking about Daath releasing a cover of Where the Slime Live that is absolutely identical to the original, Inter Arma trying and failing to make a statement with Neil Young’s Southern Man, Rob & Kirk of Metallica digging up Prince’s corpse and pissing on it, Puddle of Mudd’s Abbout a Girl, MTV Icons: Metallica edish, Fred Durst baring his hole with Behind Blue Eyes, Mudvayne going tantric with Sting, Five Finger Death Punch doing a straight up satanic cover of The Offspring, Sinatra gone metal, a pair of dogshit We Didn’t Start the Fire covers, Most Precious Blood struggggggling through Sweet Child O’ Mine, and a ton of other utterly baffling songs. Folks……. it’s a good one.

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Music featured on this ‘sode:
Lots of bad music!

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