Tech Death Thursday: Solus Ex Inferis – Daemones Ceramici


It’s tech death time. Get ready to get shredded.

My friends, I have failed to uphold my personal doctrine and beliefs, and in doing so have failed both the Toilet and you. I have long held the belief that one should go fast all the time, but as of late, I have only been going fast occasionally. My grief is immense and my shame immeasurable.

Fortunately, all is not lost, and even a sin this egregious is not beyond redemption. Today, we bask in fast as Solus Ex Inferis brings us a stream of their new album, Daemones Ceramici. This is an album that lives and dies by its speed, kicking off at full throttle and racing towards the finish line in a total blur. Not to say that it’s incomprehensible; in fact, everything is shockingly clear given both how fast it goes and how music that relies on its low end this heavily tends to get muddy. Every sweep, every blistering drum fill is clear and precise, but not so clinical as to feel artificial. I’m also a fan of how unique the leads are in the realm of hyper-shred; they’re super melodic, and smart use of effects helps further cement their identity. This album is absolutely wild, and I’m thrilled to help the band bring it to you today.

Says vocalist Sahil Makhija of the record:

This album was a challenge to put together given that each member resides in a different country and has their own musical projects as well. However, despite the constraints we pulled it together and it’s really been a lot of blood, sweat and tears to bring (guitarist) Dave’s vision to life. Lyrically the album is a reflection of our society today, how religion is a tool used to exploit people, a means to an end, a reason for bloodshed. It’s about how times are changing and people are standing up to their oppressors and hopefully we will have a better world today than we did yesterday. I think the music really reflects that as well in it’s furious pace and straightforward brutality but it still stays true to the art of writing a good song and has some memorable hooks and melodies. We hope metal fans enjoy it.

Daemones Ceramici releases tomorrow, July 9th, available on Bandcamp. Be sure to drop Solus Ex Inferis a follow on Facebook as well.

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