Tech Death Thursday: The Kennedy Veil


Prepare to be pulverized!

Today I have another band that will make you feel like a shitty drummer, but first here’s the news:

Enfold Darkness have dropped a new single titled “The Dirge of the Surrogate Invictus” and have announced their signing with The Artisian Era. This is something I have been waiting for FOREVER and we have Sumerian to thank for the wait. Their last album dropped in 2009. I also featured them on TDT a bit ago. Anyway, this song doesn’t not disappoint in the least, check it out.

Vale of Pnath, also previously featured on TDT released live footage of a new song. Check that out here.

Eschaton dropped a new single called “Falsified Existence”. It comes from their debut album Sentinel Apocalypse which will be released by Unique Leader on the 19th. Stab here to see that.

George Kolias (Nile) is streaming a new solo track titled “Buried Under The Flames”. Check that out here.

That’s it as far as news goes, but that’s ok because I can listen to that Enfold Darkness song for eternity. Be sure to berate me in the comments if I forgot to mention something.

Let’s have a chat about the Kennedy Veil shall we? Here, have a song:

The Kennedy Veil have some monstrous drumming complemented by brutal vocals with a side of very tasty riffs. The bass is pretty impressive as well. It’s no Beyond Creation, but it’s really not fair to compare anyone to them when it comes to bass. The production does a great job of making the songs sound heavy as fuck while at the same time allowing you to hear all the instruments clearly. As a bonus it doesn’t sound super clean and sterile like a lot of tech bands these days. You can see a bit of The Faceless influence in their songs as well; skip to 56 seconds in on that there track up there for an example. TKV don’t bust out the weedlies or the deedlies and they don’t need to. They a more old school style of tech death that doesn’t have any of that. Instead, as I mentioned before they throw in some tasty riffs that last just long enough that they don’t overstay their welcome but at the same time leave you wanting more. You can even hear some Origin influence in there if you listen closely.

The Kennedy Veil’s latest album Trinity of Falsehood dropped via Unique Leader in January of last year. You can pick it up via Unique Leader’s website or via their bandcamp. As always, give them a like on Facebook if you appreciate their music. Lastly, if you have anything you would like to submit to TDT or if you want to be a guest writer send your tech to

Until next time, stay tech.

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