Sound Off: Let’s Hear Your Favorite Fall Albums


Now that we’re fully into the best goddamned month of the year, it’s time to spin those albums that remind us of the season.

Since my neural net processor, a learning computer, is currently suffering from the early strains of Ebola (or a cold, I’m not sure yet), I’m gonna keep this entry short & sweet and let the songs and your comments do the talking.

First and foremost: since picking up Author & Punisher‘s Drone Machines on a cold night in early October a few years back, the bitter, haunting creep of album opener Sand, Wind and Carcass has become my favorite herald for that first autumn night when the never-ending procession of horror movies begins, the Halloween decorations come out of storage, the pumpkin beer flows and I start longingly looking for new silicone masks.

On the occasion that I need to step out into the woods (ov hell?) for a hike every now & then to enjoy the blood-red, fire-orange and corpseflesh-yellow leaves, Ghost of Perdition from Opeth‘s Ghost Reveries hits that sweet spot of just enough heaviness mixed with just enough melody & atmosphere to complement the cooler air, the lengthening nights, and the fact that I have to go home afterward and carve a pumpkin only I can’t carve a pumpkin for shit and always fuck the thing up and usually just stick a bunch of nails in it and say “it’s supposed to be Pinhead, see?” but screw it I love doing it anyway.

Finally, and I think a lot of us share this opinion, is pretty much the entirety of Type O Negative‘s October Rust. Peter Steele was a towering god among men when it came to penning lyrics about despair, nature and Halloween (sometimes all in the same song), and it’s clear this album was meant to be played on cold, rainy autumn days & nights where you can fully embrace and enjoy the briefest, most beautiful of the seasons before the onset of winter all too quickly wipes it away with its plummeting temperatures and four months of holiday season jingles. Ugh *shudder*


WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE FALL ALBUM? Share & discuss in the comments below. 

  • Do you like to go heavy or light? Do you STAY GRIND straight through the fall, or mellow out as needed?
  • Do you branch out into listening to new artists & genres, or stick to old favorites?
  • Or do you simply not give a fuck and listen to whatever, whenever?
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